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MyCockroaches.com is a blog where you can always find answers to the most important questions about your little friends – cockroaches. MC will help you to know better about your pet life and how to keep them healthy.

About myself and how this idea born

Hi, I am Bronislava! I’m a veterinary nurse and the owner of my Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. I decided to create this blog when I needed to find information about my cockroach health, and I barely could find something about them. I started to read a lot of books about insects life and tried to find answers by myself, and I did.

I’m creating this blog to help people to understand more about cockroach life and share all information which I got from studying these books. I will try to answer to all your questions and write articles by your request as soon as possible. Also, I am going to share some information about my MHC life.

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