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Light affects insects in correlation with temperature and humidity. Direct sunshine may injure or kill an exposed insect largely because of heat and desiccation. Ultraviolet and infrared radiations, electric shocks, and supersonic waves result in injuries and can kill insects.

Generally, the longer wavelength radiations produce heating effects and the shorter wavelength radiations cause chemical effects, including the ionization of the atoms. These agents have been used for the control of certain pests in stored food products and in wood. Irradiation with X-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet rays cause deformities, tumors, mutations, and sterility. Mutations are mostly detrimental(harmful) to insects and produce abnormalities that may cause their death.

Little is known about the histopathology of somatic tissues that have been injured by radiation. Typically the effect is on the abdomen, especially in the midgut. The regenerative and secretory cells are killed, and often the entire midgut epithelium is destroyed. The cause of death is one or more of the following: starvation, fluid leakage, toxin infiltration, microbial invasion, etc.

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