The Madagascar hissing cockroach is an opportunistic feeder, often utilizing ripened fruits that fall to the rainforest floor in Madagascar. This fruit will provide much of the moisture required for the cockroach; however, they occasionally drink dew from surrounding plants.

Captive Madagascar hissing cockroach enjoy a wide variety of foods including dry, processed foods for dogs, cats, fish, chickens, monkeys, and rats. Supplement the diet with fruits and vegetables:

  • orange slices,
  • banana peels,
  • carrots,
  • apples,
  • grapes,
  • sweet potato peelings,
  • potato slices.

    Use small pieces (one-inch square or less) and feed moist food sparingly, since high concentrations of fermentation gases are harmful.

    Water can be provided using a cotton wick method. A tightly sealed plastic container is filled with water. A small hole is drilled in the lid of the tank, and a wick is placed through the hole and into the water. Roaches can then drink from the cord as it soaks up water.

    Wicks can be made from cotton rolled into appropriate lengths. They may also be made from nylon stockings or other absorbent materials.

    Feeding Station

    Water may also be provided in a small dish or cup. It is essential to place a little sponge inside this type of container so that smaller roaches will not fall in and drown.

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