Temperature: if you want make cockroaches happy keep temperature between 29 - 32ºC.

Humidity: humidity level should be between 60 - 70%.

Substrate: The best choice is to use compressed coco husk, because with this substrate is much easier to regulate humidity level. If you want to plant something inside terrarium then use substrate which you need and cover all that soil with coco husk just to make ground safe for nymphs. Don't forget that all plants should be grown without chemicals.

Coco Husk

Enclosure: aquarium size depends on how many cockroaches you want to have. Aquarium should have escape proof lid, line the top of the aquarium with organic petroleum free jelly (about 2 centimeters). Very Important! Don't use petroleum jelly because it's toxic for insects.

Jelly Terrarium

Lighting: no special lighting needed, but if you want to use the best choice is to buy infra-red lamp, because they can’t see this light so they not gonna feel stress then you turn on the light.

Accessories: various hide logs, tubes or rocks.


Heating: if you use plastic tank you can use heating mat if you use glass tank use heating lamp, but if you use heating lamp consider to use termostat to regulate temperature because sometimes lamps can overheat.

Thermostat Heating Lamp

Precautions: handle gently, do not allow to drop or fall.

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